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Updated: 14 July 2022          SPECIAL NOTE: President's Message May 2022:

Thank you to all members and friends of the Canadian Club of Kingston who supported the Club this year with their membership dues and attending the monthly Zoom webinars. I know that the webinar format has not been the most satisfactory manner for some to attend the CCK meetings. But given the recent pandemic situation, presenting the webinars was the only viable solution. However, this October 20th, we do plan to return to the Cataraqui Golf and Country Club (CGCC) for luncheon meetings! The CCK Executive is actively planning the Speaker Program, getting ready for the new season. More information will follow late summer/early September. I look forward to seeing you all back at the CGCC in October! Gay Keithly, CCK President

                         Next Speaker:

Merilyn Simonds, Author

Thursday 20 October 2022

Topic: "Louise de Kiriline Lawrence:  The Making of a Canadian Naturalist and Nature Writer"


NOTE 3: Members will be notified of the details of the planned luncheon meeting for Thursday  20 October 2022 at the Cataraqui Golf and Country Club at 1:00 PM


Membership Reminder - Former and potential-new members, please consider joining for the 2022-23 Program, once the details of the policy for the 2022-23 program has been confirmed. 

Membership Fee: $50 for an individual, and $90 for a couple.



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A challenge for us


The Canadian Club of Kingston

exists for a simple reason—to

provide a forum where members

can hear speakers on issues of

current interest.


There is a Canadian Club in

most major cities across Canada,

and their common objective is to

strengthen Canada by helping

individual Canadians be better

informed about important

national and international issues.


In Kingston, the Canadian

Club meets once a month (see Current Program) from

October to May to hear an invited

speaker talk about a subject of

common interest.


This is a special invitation

to join the Canadian Club. In

Kingston, you’ll find many of

your friends at our luncheons.

And you’ll meet and make new



Canadian Club of Kingston


A friendly gathering

of thoughtful people

who want to be well

informed on

 current events





Belonging to the Canadian Club in Kingston is a good way to stay informed about some of

the key issues of our time. It keeps your mind

alert, and it builds a wider circle of friends and



Keeping track of some of the important

issues of our time involves more than simply

watching the TV news or reading one or two

daily newspapers. The Canadian Club arranges

for speakers who have the expertise and knowledge

to deal with current issues of public




(see About the Club for more information)


The Canadian Club movement had its origin

in 1892 among a small group of men in

Hamilton, Ontario. They wanted to be more

active, better informed. They hoped to stimulate

a sense of pride in being Canadian.

The idea spread across Canada. And the clubs

still flourish today, even in the face of so many

competing activities and interests.


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